Get Aligned is company alignment and strategy execution for Slack teams.

Whether you’re a small business or a global company, it’s a challenge to get everyone moving in the right direction.
Get your people in sync, engaged, focusing on a common goal, and moving at incredible speed.

Get Aligned

Inspired by the V2MOM, Get Aligned is an elegant organisation planning, strategy and management framework built on Slack — the most popular, simple and powerful corporate communication and collaboration tool available.

V2MOM is an acronym for the following:

  • Vision (What do you want?)
  • Values (What’s important about it?)
  • Methods (How do you get it?)
  • Obstacles ( What might stand in your way?)
  • Measures (How will you know when you have it?)

“Without a doubt the V2MOM process has been our best-kept secret to the fast growth and excellence we have achieved.”

– Mark Benioff, Founder and CEO,

Supercharge with Slack + V2MOM

“The beauty of the V2MOM is that the same structure works for every phase in the life cycle of an organisation. We’ve used it as a business plan for our start-up, and we find the same construct to be effective for outlining the annual goals of a public company.”

– Mark Benioff, Founder and CEO,

Get Aligned is:

  • Simple to implement
  • Easy for your people to use
  • Something else
  • And something else

GetAligned helps to create alignment, focus people on projects that deliver the maximum value for the business, and create a culture of ownership and accountability amongst your team.


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Create Your Company V2MOM

As the company founder or CEO, articulate your vision, values, methods, obstacles and measures then record them in the app. This should be a collaborative process involving your leadership team; the app will guide you through the process.

Your Team Create Their Linked V2MOMs

The company V2MOM gets cascaded down and then everyone creates linked V2MOMs - divisions, teams, and individuals. They are visible on employee profile pages and every team or project channel in Slack. Your employees now have a clear understanding of your priorities every year, and how their role, goals, and performance contributes to your overall success.

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You Need To Know Where You’re Going In Order To Get There.

“We implemented V2MOM within Campaign Monitor as a way of aligning the organisation and getting the entire team focused on the same goals. It has been game-changing for the company, and for each team that implemented it.”

– Aaron Beashel, Director of Demand Generation, Campaign Monitor

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